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I've been engineering software since 2001, administering Linux systems slightly longer, and working professionally with Ruby on Rails since 2006. I've been on large and small teams, worked at National Laboratories and the smallest of startups. I've written open source software that has been downloaded thousands of times.

Currently Intentionally Blank Inc. is a laboratory of sorts. A place where I can write blog posts on any number of subjects that interest me. Prototype and even test market various ideas. At the end of the day being enhanced and improved by the experience.

Employment Experience

Contract Work

Evõx Television

Evõx is a television network providing an integrated entertainment experience that inspires positive change

I consult with Evõx on an ongoing basis around technology selection, server architecture, systems administration, and training.

Randall is a truly superior professional. He communicates frequently and effectively, I always know what's going on. As a busy executive Randall is exactly the kind of person I want to work with for a long time.

Xavier Dubois, CEO, Evõx Television


Byliner is a digital publisher of award-winning short fiction and nonfiction.

I worked with Byliner both as a contractor and as an employee. Of the more interesting projects was a recommendation engine that kept users engaged with content the would like and a project to allow users to read the site offline.

Randall of Intentionally Blank is a strong developer--a true technologist who combines his expertise in solving problems with a constant pursuit of quality work.

Katie McCann, Head of Product, Byliner


Tripeese makes booking travel as a group easy and saves money in the process

I came in to assist the co-founders as a Technical Consultant during the seed stage. I brought a process that allowed us to deliver higher quality features in less time while developing the skills of junior developers already on board.

I also cut the flight search time in half and speed perception features to make it seem even faster.

Tripeese sucessfully sold in 2014

Randall from Intentionally Blank delivers features substantially faster and with fewer defects than any other developer we've worked with. His skills, leadership, and teaching have been essential not only to the formation of our development team but the product as a whole.

Matheus Riolfi, Co-founder, Tripeese


A marketplace for the transportation of large groups

Using Dave's idea as a platform we worked together pair-programming and working independently to build his Minimum Viable Product. Along the way I taught Dave about Object Oriented Design, Behaviour Driven Development with Rspec, and how to architect a Rails application such that it is easy to modify when you get feedback from customers.

In only a few months time I went from complete novice to being comfortable with the Rails stack, having a functioning Minimum Viable Product, and knowing how it works. I highly recommend the training services of Intentionally Blank. It's one of the best investments a driven entrepreneur can make.

Dave Nash, Founder, Ping Ride

Inactive Projects

  •  Productivity advice with research footnotes.
  •  Live image editing right in the browser.
  •  Persuasive writing for tech recruiters.
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