The Developers you are trying to recruit... Hate you right now.

and you can make it stop.

You have a Tough Job

Whether you got into recruiting to help people find jobs or just because of giant commission checks, the reality is 90% of recruiters quit or get fired in the first year. The numbers suck, you have to leave 200 voicemails or send out 1000+ emails to get a response. It's a thankless job that gets no respect and there are people out there screwing with you just for fun.

You know that you're playing a numbers game: X amount of emails leads to a small fraction of replies leads to some smaller fraction of qualified individuals to submit leads to maybe one or two starts.

Spam Cannoning every single person you can get an email for may just seem like the best way to get the numbers you need. It's not.

old-school and effective

Great copy sells. Everything from 99¢ apps to 6 figure luxury cars. Great copy can sell a prospect on your position and you can learn to write that copy.

Copywriting for Tech Recruiters is a course that gives you the tools to convert cold email addresses into interested applicants. Written by those who have hired, been hired, written job descriptions and seen some of the best and worst opening emails ever sent by a recruiter.

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